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Connector Systems Industrial Connectors Fire-resistant Connection Box

Fire-resistant Connection Box


  • Plug & Play: supplied fully assembled and 100% factory tested. Installation is very quick and can be carried out by unskilled operators.
  • Hard Wired: This option allows the installer to cut the cable on site to permit flexibility in cable lengths between adjacent connection boxes. This configuration is compatible with armoured cabling where the armour circuit must be earthed.

 Niphan Appliance Inlet (Flange Plug)

Features and Benefits:

  • LPA’s modular connection box system offers tap-off power circuits that can be easily and flexibly accommodated where fire resistance is required, for applications such as emergency lighting in tunnels and emergency access points. The system can be configured to customer specification and permits variable distances between boxes.
  • Designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the Codes of Practice, BS 5266-1 8.2.2.b & BS 5839-1 26.2e. The systems have successfully demonstrated appropriate compliance in test reports to BS EN 50200 PH 120 & BS 8434-2 and additionally BS 6387 C,W and Z. There are 2 systems:




Tunnel Box


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