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Lighting by LPA Lighting Systems LED Lighting LumiMatrix – LED Light Engine Technology


LumiMatrixTM – LED Light Engine Technology


  • Any dimensions or shape
  • Flexibility of configuration
  • Selectable for high or low intensity.
  • AC and DC variants
  • Range of cable and connectors
  • Cool, natural or warm white colour temperature

 LumiMatrix – LED Light Engine Technology

Features and Benefits:

  • Low power chip LED light engine.
  • Modular system of series strings of lighting grade LEDs
    with integral constant current control.
  • PWM dimming control
  • Integrated emergency battery backup system.
  • Light engine powered by a constant voltage power supply, constant current generation performed within the light engine
  • Supplied either as a complete luminaire or as drive electronics and light engine for inclusion into customers own luminaire design
  • LED luminaire just 30mm thick
  • 60,000 hours to 70% initial light output
  • 45% power saving over fluorescent
  • Greater illumination levels than fluorescent technology
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 85

LumiMatrix – LED Light Engine Technology


  • Ideal for direct lighting for new build, in transportation, defense, industrial markets
LumiMatrix LumiMatrix Solution
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