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Components - Electrical USB Charging

USB Charging

USB Charging
USB Charging


Rail Compliant USB Charging

Relay Test UnitLPA Channel Electric have designed a USB Charging product in the form of a dedicated charging port (DCP) to meet the ever growing requirements of people on the move.  Based on expert knowledge and experience within the railway market, LPA Channel have developed a range of products to meet this demand.


We can offer customers a choice of 24V, 110V and in September 2015 we will be able to offer a 230V charging system for both driver and passenger use.


The products have a rated life of up to 5000 insertion operations, are RIA12 compliant and are designed to work with all major brands including Apple, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Kindle etc.



The LPA Channel system is designed to be as flexible as possible and offers a standard set of parts that can be connected together to achieve any configuration required.  It is possible to feed single or double USB outlets, USB combined with a 3 PIN 240 AC single or double Outlet (1 or 2 Gang), and even USB combined with a 3 PIN socket outlet (1 or 2 Gang) with each socket outlet being protected against individual overcurrent, thereby preventing the main circuit breaker from tripping.  All designed with Tamper proof fixings, earth studs where required, and available in a selection of finishes.


To ensure the equipment is working correctly, at both install and periodically throughout its life, a USB tester is available which allows for quick and easy testing of any USB socket by Depot Personnel.  The tester can be used on its own to show that power is available, or connected to a phone/tablet to monitor voltage and current being provided.


We have particular knowledge of the requirements of the Rail Industry having provided solutions for over 40 years.



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